Sharing session

Nick's sharing session
Using Wordle to get a quick snapshot of themes that come out of qualitative data. Also good for using to analyse themes in texts.

Roger and Lisa's sharing session
Connecting Canterbury Communities
Snapshots of teacher products from using tools are on the wiki.

Jan's sharing session - Methven Primary
Using X-Box within the school - gaming. Multiple intelligences testing online.
Games played 'Viva Pinata', Thrillville and Civilisation Revolution.
Also used Google Sketchup to create 3D environments.
Scratch for programming
Used Phunland as a physics sandbox.

Other schools using X-Box games - Wellington High (Calum), Southwell (Dave Winter)

Issac's sharing session - Enner Glynn (Nelson)
First year they didn't have a facilitator. Wanted to build the leadership within the cluster. Have developed a facilitation model where the lead teachers facilitate a number of projects across the cluster. They manage their own PD as well as providing PD across the cluster. Have to work with a mentor principal across the cluster. Have set aside money for cluster scholarships. Have $3000 per 'grant' for spending that will support the cluster goals.

Geraldine sharing session
Cluster wiki had been set up.

Jacqui's sharing session - Papanui High
The school has a very visual Moodle environment designed to remove barriers for teachers.

Suzie's sharing session
On the Ngaio ICT wiki, Suzie is using Google Forms for staff to make bookings and is adding the dates to Google Calendar to embed them in the wiki.

Warren's sharing session - Regional cluster information. Check out the website to see if you want to get involved.