Self-review Rubric


The NSSFT have developed a rubric to assist schools and clusters to be self reviewing. It is intended that the rubric be completed at school level preferably in consultation with staff. Schools can also use the cluster sections to provide feedback on the professional development programme delivered to schools.

The rubric

You can view the rubric below
ICT PD Cluster Self-Assessment Rubric 2009

Click on the file below to download your school or cluster copy.

Use of the rubric

Use of the rubric is optional, as is the way you use the information gathered. You may like to use it as a way of showing evidence in milestone reports. In this case, the completed rubric(s) should be uploaded to a school or cluster wiki or website and the link provided in the milestone with a summary of the findings.

The rubric would also be useful as the basis for discussion with your national facilitator during visits or audioconferences. Again making these available online for prior reading would be helpful.

Equally the rubric could serve as the basis for school and cluster review when planning the action plan goals and actions for the following year, or as a way of reflecting on progress throughout the year.

Feedback valued

The NSSFT would appreciate any feedback on the usefulness of the rubric or suggestions for modification to make it more user friendly and informative. This can be by way of email or through discussions at home group meetings.