Notes from meeting

In attendance:
Doug - Burwood / Principal Y3
Steve - Barton Rural / Principal
Bronwyn - Burwood / Y3
Sam - Ashburton Borough
Fiona - Borough / Lead tchr
Graham - Methven Y4
Lynette - Shirley Int / Networks / Y3
Grant - Canty Uni
Jo - Island School / DP / Y3
Rob - Timaru / Principal Y1
Jeremy - Pleasant Point / Principal
Danny - eTime
Nick - eTime
Eddy - Our Lady.../DP / Y3
John - Lincoln Y2
Lynda - Leeston / Principal Y3
Sue - Facilitator / Y3
Andrea - Spreydon / DP & PD / Y2

Introduction warm-up
Find a buddy and share a 'What's on Top' / 1 - 4 rating
Introduce them back to the group

Rubric A reflective tool
  • A reflective tool
  • Could be useful for your MS writing
  • NOT mandatory
  • Pull off and discuss
  • Great conversation generator!
  • Not a complete doc - feedback welcomed

Annual Survey (PD's, PF's, P's)
  • ALL clusters to address each year
  • Link in the MS template (and as above)

MS template
  • Layout is similar to 2008
  • Support notes - are no longer in a separate doc but embedded in to this template
  • Anything in red, are guidelines for you - please ensure these are deleted
  • ALL 5 National goals are required to be reported on
  • Copy n' paste means just that!:-) Go to your Variation and paste in your cluster goals and success criteria in to your MS
  • Summarise the 'Cluster' report as opposed to individual school reports
  • Evidence means evidence - you've talked about the progress you've made, now attach a piece of evidence from each school that supports this
  • Please link us DIRECTLY to your space as opposed to a front page to then find it :-)
  • Password protected? Let us know what that is if we are to access these :-)
  • Lessons learnt
  • A MS is a review tool for you / for NSSF to get a broad overview / tool for the MoE
  • Inviting your NSSF in to the google doc ensures tweaking as you go so that by the time it is forwarded, all the work has been done (Very time efficient)
  • Brief school report
  • Exiting clusters - you have a slightly extended timeframe
  • Digital evidence - please add in your links
  • Programme Implementation: Clusters Individual activities that you undertook to meet your cluster goals - How big was the reach - 1.1 or whole staff/whole cluster opportunities?
  • Case notes: You get to show off here! If you've done something that you would like to celebrate. Knock yourselves out! Brag! Cool and rich stuff!
  • Budget - The Variation replaces your contract. Do not refer back to your original doc but the latest doc eg. Variation
  • If you're running behind - really difficult to catch up (No longer a 'given' to have your underspend carried over)
  • Please explain underneath your disbursement how this came about ad then..........add an extra coloum to the right of your disbursement schedule, and CLEARLY show us how you are going to spend this. Do not add this to your expected funding for that year - this is an EXTRA

Morning tea

Variation Support & Sustainability Material
(This section was cut n' pasted from the BoP cluster network wikispace :-)
Please click HERE for sustainability support material (exiting clusters)
Sustainability Folder
Lyn's Ideas for Sustaining the ICT Momentum - A flow chart showing my plan for keeping the focus on using ICTs for learning after our cluster ends.
Please click here for the Variation templates and variation writing process

Variation Process

Exiting clusters
Story: Graham: PD journey from Y1 to 1st year post contract (Methven Primary)
  • Difficulty re geographically spread
  • 14 schools (too many - 5 would be good)
  • Not ALL Principals from the 14 schools will all agree
  • Committee of TL's set up (A core group of 4 out of these 14 schools)
  • LT's half a day a term (Schools pay for their release and relievers) LT's from other schools are released for these workshop/on-sharing sessions
  • A newsletter is sent out by this team - once a month
  • Money re hardware, equipment, software
  • 2/3 of those school are really going on well
  • Management of the colour printer, internet access, equipment (32" screens!)
GREAT story Graham - Thank you :-)
  • Consider NOW - if you haven't done so already -some possibilities for you as a cluster/school as you exit
  • Enthusiastic/passionate people to carry this through
  • Put in place NOW some systems to trial
  • LT's to trial a google doc & AC mtg (ALL schools can apply/register for an AC bridge funded by MoE. Can be accessed between the hours of 9am - 5pm)
  • Disseminate new learning at every opportunity
  • Ensure ALL teachers have access to the ICT PD online fortnightly newsletter
  • Consider a 15min weekly ICT PDshowcase' at each weeks staff mtg


Cluster network mtg dates in 2010:
Friday 19th March (Ashborough) - Term 1
September 17th September (eTime) YTBC - Term 3
  • L@S: Feb 24-26th
  • He Waka Eke Noa: July 14-16th
  • ULearn: October 6-8th

Links to visit
ICT PD online
Effective register database
Modules: Infrastructure
Leading Learning
Facilitation Strategies

Sharing time
  • glorified karaoke and powerpoint to engage students in the literacies
  • timed rehearsals
  • slides with text from a song spread
  • typography - the art of using varied text to
  • hyperlinks to bring in interactive elements
  • next steps - create their own music
  • pick a path adventure story
  • what do we do with these next??
  • ispring free - install it to create a shockwave video clip that keeps all the timings etc intact
  • From the above link - easily able to Embed
  • See this link : How do I do powerpoint (Do a search for this - a 78 page/slideshow!!)