The notes from Jocelyn's session on the Literacy Progressions

Literacy Progressions
• What is the expectation for a 5 yr old?
• Y1-10
• Highlight the relevant parts (ie. After 3 years at school Reading and Writing) where we - in an ICT contract - can support our Literacy Leaders in our schools
• What programmes are out there / applications
• School entry data – assess chn on entry and again at age 6 (Can be used diagnostically
• Communication experiences – digital cameras – photo is taken on their first day and a commentary along with that re their class, desk, teacher etc. Also, camera sent home to capture moments so that we are able to see them in their natural habitat (About to be considered at all levels for any chn coming in)
• Lexia series (John Kennedy) – Nelson based – support with reading – visual memory challenges and sequencing? – this is good!
• Kidpix has come into pre-school
• Put their works’ into PPoint and put up in a wiki so then anytime, anyhow
• Toolbars – View / ????????????Tracking changes?!
• Time4Online has a lot of info in here
• What do we call the books that have come out…….’Read alongs’
• Y8 – using reflective journals as aprt of their reading
• What is their purpose for reading?
• Could highlight all areas I here re using ICT PD
• Let’s not limit our ICT to just computers – whiteboards / dictaphones
• Lead Teacher - @ RBS – set up the above site ☺
• Digital Learning Objects – similar – so too BBC in schools
• Social bookmarking – create tags (Time4onlineConference) start each tag with ictpd_ this will open up even more rich resources out there
• Let’s consider ‘Netsafe’ and the NZ Curriculum to allow our chn online as opposed to, someone sourcing all the info for them – does defeat the purpose a ‘tad’ re not allowing open access
• Story: ‘Infamous Leaders’ - ☺
• Y10’s: Coffee House Philosophy forum : Students post questions
• Students debate with students (Forums are old