Google Applications

See below for quick information on using some common Google applications. For in-depth Google Apps notes and support, visit


Google docs+ (Add google icon here)

Getting started - To create a google / gmail account
1. Pull up google
2. Go to gmail
3. Sign up for gmail
4. Follow through the instructions
5. Once secured, go to docs

Google docs
(Instructions to setting up a doc)
Top left hand of your screen - click on doc
2. The first line of your doc will automatically become your title IF, you choose not to click on untitled and name it
3. Put whatever you want in the doc
4. Remember to save BEFORE exiting - otherwise you lose all that you have done

(Sharing your document)
1. Go to the top right of your screen and click on Share
2. Code in the gmail accounts of who you want to invite in to this space
3. Decide whether you want your invitees to be a 'viewer' or a 'collaborator'
(A collaborator allows this person to have full editing rights within this document)
4. Click on send
5. Compose a short message to those who you're inviting in
6. Forward
(Those receiving this message will receive a link in their email which once activated, will take them straight in to the document)

(Organising your docs)
1. Click on the 'New' and select folders
2. Name this
3. Colour code too, by right clicking (ctrl - click on a Mac) on the folder to name and colour it!
4. When dragging the doc into the folder - this automatically colour codes to that folder for ease of sighting

  • ANYONE!!
  • Staff groups
  • Team groups
  • Class groups
  • Like minded people
  • Common interests
  • Shared understandings
  • Team minutes - before - during -after!!
  • Newsletter
  • Learning spaces
  • AC notes and information being added in live
  • A collaborative forum
  • Interdependent learning
  • Accessible 24/7 from anywhere
  • Time effficient
  • Can be anywhere and able to see notes going in live
  • Whenever!
  • Freedom of choice
  • Can be accessed anywhere - irrelevant of space
  • Once accessed - can move in and out of here at your leisure

Google Homepage / iGoogle
• your PERSONALISED Homepage
• More of a visual file
• the 4 pronged arrow = drag and drop and maneuver the window around the screen
• edit button = ability to maneuver the material within the window
• a ‘jump off’ spot to launch in to other areas
• Highly recommended blog to visit
• View in particular: ICT in my classroom
• An online report throughout the year
• Utilising a highlight tool while marking work online
• ‘Unobtrusive collaboration in Google docs: 10 google forms for the classroom

Google Reader? (Netvibes?)
• More of a filing space
• SUCKS the latest information into your space ☺
• Click on the link to see the blog come up
• FAVORITES can be stored

(Add video clip into this space)

NOTE: Can be exported by - File - Download file as - PDF