Embedding Media into a Wiki

Embedding a Teachertube or Youtube Video

Find the video you want at http://teachertube.com or http://youtube.com Watch the video to check content. On the right side of the video you will see a list of ways that you can embed the video code. Select what you want (I used Embeddable without Video search) click to highlight and then copy the code.
Return to your wiki page (or blog etc), click "Edit this page", click on the blue TV icon, select video, select teachertube or youtube (or whatever is appropriate) and paste the code into the box and save. You will see a small grey square with "media" in green text. Make sure it is positioned where you want it and then save the page. Within a short time the video will become visible on the page.

Practice example - Principal Conversations - Teacher Walkthroughs

Glogster Posters

Go to http://glogster.com and create your account.
Use the graphics, text, image, video etc options to create your own page. Note that you can click the upload button and browse your computer to add any of your own images, media or self created icons etc. You can create hyperlinks from any text, graphic or media. When happy with your poster page select publish.

This student made help video can step you through the process:


BubbleShare: Share photos - Play some Online Games.
Go to http://bubbleshare.com and sign up or log in. Name album and upload the photos to be used and select order. Select the border format, click "Next" then "Blog Album". Choose the type of viewing you want Gizmo, slider etc. Copy and paste the code into the wiki via the blue TV icon and other html section. Save and then save the page.
BubbleShare: Share photos - Craft Ideas