During Term 4 an afternoon session was held with Douglas Harre from the Ministry of Education, finding out about all the issues around infrastructure, equipment and software. It was a great opportunity to ask the questions, share the frustrations and learn about what is coming on stream in the near future.

During term three a workshop was held focused on review and strategic planning. Clusters initially shared some things happening in their cluster which sparked good discussion and debate. Following this Paul Armitage from Thorrington School shared information gleaned from his recent trip to several innovative schools in Victoria, and this also lead to much discussion about values and beliefs about learning. Paul has provided the links to the relevant websites so that you can view the presentations in greater detail.
The Wooranna Park and Silverton Web links are :- http://www.woorannaparkps.vic.edu.au and http://www.silverton-ps.vic.edu.au

The session on reviewing your cluster is featured in the "Review" link on the navigation bar to the left. Please feel free to continue contributing to the development of ideas on the review process as you work through your own cluster reviews. Note also that from August 27th, the Time4Review Online Seminar will be available to support your process at http://time4review.org.nz

Several interesting workshops were held in term 2:
  • two sessions on facilitating adult learning in workshops and peer mentoring geared at lead teachers and facilitators
  • one session for RTLBs where we discussed learning experiences for all learners and how the ICTPD programme can and should be catering for this need. A second session will be held in term 3 on
  • a session combined with our secondary colleagues on developing online community and use of Web 2.0.
The links to the wikis created during these sessions are available on th the left navigation bar.